Unveiling of Amir Aria Studio’s official website and Instagram

The official website and Instagram of Amir Aria Studio was unveiled in the presence of the popular artist Nazanin Keivani on July 13, 2020, with the aim of establishing more communication with you, dear customers, in both Persian and English.With more than twenty years of experience, Amir Aria Studio has now upgraded its services through websites and social networks, and has provided facilities for dear customers, such as queuing through the site and selecting sample photos.

AmirAria Studio's Website     AmirAria Studio's Instagram

In this site, with its beautiful design and easy use, we have tried to show the power of AmirAria Studio and place portfolios to ensure and respect your choice, dear ones, to hold meetings and record your beautiful moments.

We have discovered the secrets to immortality.
In difficult circumstances, we are by your side to record the beautiful moments of your life.

Your presence and visit to the virtual space and communication with you will make us proud.

Nazanin Keivani, who attended AmirAria Studio and was honored to take some photos about AmirAria Studio, said:

[ I think you will have a complete and professional package together, because you are excellent in terms of facilities and decoration and you are a professional team together.
Anyway, thank you for making me proud.
Thank you for following all the health protocols these days for Corona.]